Scientific Validation: NABARD Funded Project

Validation of Herdman-com and Herdman-coop software funded by National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD)

The Project:  NABARD also provides funds to validate innovative concepts that have progressed beyond proof-of-concept and can be replicated to directly benefit livestock farmers.  Animal identification for traceability, collection of performance and service data and its use in improving animal productivity and services is an innovative concept for small-hold production system. The system has both technological and logistic challenges.  Herdman-coop software was developed to address the technological challenges of communication and the basket service model was developed to address logistic issues of connecting milk processor-veterinary service providers-farmers on common interest platform.  NABARD provided funds to field test the novel approach in selected dairy cooperatives.  

Technical Program
A project to evaluate data management software in rural dairy cooperatives was funded by National Agriculture Bank for Rural Development (NABARD) to Department of Medicine, Bombay Veterinary College under leadership of Dr. D. G. Dighe, Assistant Professor.  Infovet (now Vetware Private Limited) was a partner in the project and supplied the server and PDA-based software programs at no cost for testing.  The project envisaged testing of the network model of animal health delivery.  The Para-vets working in remote areas were provided with PDA installed with Herdman-PDA software.  The data of the three dairy cooperatives was managed at their data centre.  The main focus of the project was to enhance capability of the dairy cooperative staff in veterinary division to handle data, process data to understand the underlying problems and impact assessment based on performance evaluation of the animals. 

The project led to increased awareness of importance of keeping records of animals and using it for precision management.  Substantial improvement in fertility and the quality of work of the para-vet was recorded.  The model since has been replicated in many dairy cooperatives and the list of cooperatives and milk processors using Herdman is growing every year.