Semen SCM - AI Supply Chain Management Software (AISCHAM)

AISCHAM:  AI Supply Chain Management Software    

Suitable for Government / NGOs and large dairy cooperatives

Rationale of the software: A. I. is the key driver of the genetic improvement programs in dairy sector.  Distribution of semen straws, accessories, LN2 and maintenance of the end use of each straw distributed is essential to keep tab on the breeding program in the state.  This is a herculean task as every week / fortnight semen and accessories are to be distributed to a large number of government, private, NGO and franchise staff who carry out AI work in the field and then examine the animals for PD and calving thus providing the end data of use of straws produced or procured in the state.  This task can be managed easily if the inventory management and accounting is computerized.  In the wake of dwindling staff at each service department such an initiative has become necessary.

The software program has been custom designed keeping in mind the supply chain management system in government organizations, livestock development boards, NGOs and large dairy cooperatives.

The software will enable computerization of the inventory of the supply zones enabling semen straw and accessory management conveniently.  The system has following modules:

  • Semen straw inventory-  Semen purchased / procured from the state-owned bovine semen station

  • Semen straw inventory- semen procured from non- other semen stations / imported

  • LN2 inventory management – within the zone as well as LN2 distributed to other agencies

  • Accessory inventory management

  • Billing and Accounting

  • LN2 level alerts

  • Virtual Semen Container Management tool enabling search


Data Flow