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About the software

It is rightly said that the Frozen Semen Production facility is the most important activity in bovine breeding program. Semen produced in these centers from elite bulls result in production of millions of superior cows.  The Center has wide ranging activities, bull management, periodic collection of semen and processing, straw inventory management and distribution to various A. I. performing agencies.   The amount of data generated in the center is huge and if this is properly captured, analyzed and shared with stakeholders it could improve the efficiency of the Center and bring about genetic improvement faster. Although in the market software is available for Laboratory processing management of the Semen Banks there is no software available that can be handle all the operations hence can be called enterprise management software. 

Vetware Private Limited is pioneer in developing a comprehensive solution to e-manage the entire range of activities from bull rearing to AI data collection.  Since in India the Frozen Semen facility is largely owned by government departments who have several such centers in the state, we have developed networking solution to enable the government departments create state-wide data grid of semen inventory and monitoring of distribution and impact. 

The data on use of semen straw distributed through the zonal centers as AI done can also be collected for sire alone (Semen-zone software) or individual cow / buffalo (Herdman-coop or com).  Thus our software cover semen-calf cycle data.




Data Networking

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