Herdman – coop: For Large Cooperative Dairies

• Introduction

• Modules

• How the system works

    Registration of the village society / cluster

    Registration of farmers and animals

    Registration of para-vets

• How data is sent to the farmers and para-vets

• How data is updated:

    Data update by para-vet

    Data update by farmersr

• Data Analysis

• Data Flow

• Reports

Herdman-Coop- Introduction:

This is herd management software for multi-centric dairy cooperatives that are also providing veterinary services to their farmers.  The software if also of use to milk processors who have franchise veterinary service providers since data management would help them as well as the milk processors.

Description: Parents DetailsHerdmanccop has three distinct applications; for farmers, for para-veterinarians and server system for veterinarians.  The system can be used by cooperatives or dairy processors who supply input goods such as semen, accessories and medicines.  The program will enable the cooperatives trace and track various programs implemented in the operational area.  Each village society is considered as one herd and each farmer is registered as lot and individual animals of all ages can be registered as a separate file.  Every animal must be given identification number and where animals have not been tagged, the cell phone number of the farmer can be taken as unique identification for purpose of animal registration. 



The software can be used for cows and buffaloes as the data is kept in the same database but the report generation and analysis is distinct for the two species.  Since the dairy cooperative may have different breeds of cows and buffaloes the software provides defining of benchmark parameters for each breed and data analysis can be carried out for each breed.

The data can be updated from the farm using smart phone wherein the user can access its data after login using user name and password.  The data can also be updated using coded text SMS.  The veterinarian can access the data on laptop of desktop using user name and password.

The Administrator can approve access to levels of database for each category of user.

The server software is interfaced with text SMS services

Herdmancoop   is a total solution for data management needs of the dairy animals especially in small-hold production system.



Server software: The server application is to be installed on the web server so that the farmers and the service providers have access to their data anytime from anywhere.

Administrator and Master entry module:  The default values and master entries can be created.  The Administrator can assign access rights and password for the farm staff.

Animal Registration, Details and Data entry:  Herd, lot and animal registration can be undertaken.  The registration process is fast and easy as many common entries can be master defined.  Previous parities and lactation records can be entered. The module also enables easy data entry from multiple levels.  Specific single-purpose data entry option is also provided.  For example for entering milk records of animals a common milk data entry form with ID number of milking animals in the herd / lot can be generated.  Data entry is also possible from ‘Action Lists’ or from individual animal file.  Lifetime records on breeding, health and production as well as movement to other premises are maintained. 

Description: Action List
Listings and reports: 
The lists of daily action, alarm (under-performing animals), registers and reports can be generated.  The reports could be status or periodic wherein the period of report can be defined.  The daily action list provides details of daily work schedule of the farm which is based on event prediction.  This increases farm efficiency. Health listings provide list of animals due for health management actions, such as, vaccination, deworming and disease testing.  Custom Report is the novel feature of the software wherein using more than 100 variables and the breeding, production, health and other parameters various reports can be generated.  These reports can also be adjusted for various levels of performance indicators.

The reports can also be converted to easily readable graphs.  Milk production of individual animals can be depicted as lactation curve.    

Modules in Herdman-Coop software Platform:



The dashboard provides single window screen to monitor various activities by tracking the data flow.  Since the data traffic from server to para-vet and farmer and from farmer to para-vet or veterinarian is through server this traffic can be monitored to keep an eye if the farmers are identifying and requesting breeding services in time; if the para-vet is providing AI and other services in time.  The dashboard also enables the Administrator know if the data traffic is in real time and data errors are detected and alerts generated.

Inventory of inputs for services:  The inventory module enables the dairy cooperatives to maintain stock of semen straws, accessories, medicine, LN2 and other items on line.  The system also produces alarms for stock replenishment.

Technical reports:  Various types of reports can be generated.  Monthly performance report for farmers’ registered animals can be generated in regional languages for distribution to the farmers.  Such reports becomes basis for extension programs for the farmers.  Performance reports for para-vets, veterinarians, village society and cooperative as a unit can be generated by merging the data for purpose of analysis and report generation.

The veterinarians can access the data to conduct analysis and generate diverse reports


How the system works

Village registration:  Each village registered with its Election code or revenue administrative code.  If desired village can also be registered with the unique code given by the Milk Union.  While registering the GIS details are also entered to enable data to be displayed as maps.

Farmer registration:  The farmer can be registered in each village with unique code / customer Id given by the Milk Union.  The contact details of the farmers are also entered.  The registered cell phone number is the authorized device for data access from the server or to the server.

Para-veterinarian registration:   The para-vet(s) providing services to the farmer is also registered with contact details.  This enables the platform access of the farmer’s data to the para-vet either through smart phone URL or through text SMS.

Animal registration:   The farmer should be encouraged to ear tag the animal with unique identification number assigned by the national animal identification authority.  The animals under data management system can be registered with current status data on breeding, production and health.  It is advised that the animal registration be done on hard copy and then the data can be transcribed.  But in later stages the para-vets can also be authorized to register new animals on line using smart phone.  The animals is registered with date of registration so as to track the animal for yearly renewal.

Action and alerts to farmers on cell phone / handheld device:  Once the animal registration has been completed and the SMS interface has been activated the program starts sending action and alarm lists to the farmers and the para-vets.  The action list to each small farmer (up to 20 animals) is communicated via text SMS in language of choice but for larger number of animals the farmer is encouraged to use smart phone.  In such cases the farmer is given user name and password so that he can access the action and alarm list on day-to-day basis.

Action lists and Alarm lists:


How data is updated:

How data is updated:  The data is updated by the pashumitra / AI worker either by using smart phone and connection to the URL and data of the animals under his care.  He can directly enter the data in the animal file.

In case he is not using smart phone he can also update the data by sending text SMS as code for each service.

Description: Action ListData Update by Pashumitra (Para-vet):   The data update by the para-vet is either by using smart phone or by using simple phone and text SMS.  Since each para-vet is expected to register more than 200 animals it is encouraged that the para-vet opts for smart touch screen phone and internet data plan (3 G preferably).  In order to make data entry and access easy for para-vets the Milk Union may also give Tablet (7 inches and more) to the paravets and the data plans.  The data update using smart phone can be done by typing the URL to access the web server system and then after entering user name and password the system recognizes the user as para-vet and the authorized data access is given. 

For details click on MobiVet-Pashumitra. 


In case Pashumitra / Para-vet is not carrying smart phone / Tablet, the data can also be updated by sending coded text SMS, as shown above.

Data Update by farmers: 

The farmers can update the following data:

Description: SMS Milk Entry



This can be done by sending text SMS in code from the registered cell phone number to the server number. 
The above two codes are for sending milk yield data and the other is code for sending AI done.  Using similar codes other data can also be sent.


Data Analysis:

Herdman-coop server software is supplied with ‘Analysis Module’.  The data for farmer, village centre, para-veterinarian, veterinarians, Milk Union can be analysed for performance and efficiency.

Account and Billing: In case the farmers are charged for services and the para-veterinarians are paid by work carried out, such billing can be generated along with performance reports.

Administrative and Technical Reports:  Few report templates are provided.  The user can also generate reports as per desire by using Custom Report option.  Custom Report option can also be used to do data sorting for various levels of parameters and to establish causal associations.  Individual animal life-time report can be generated when desired by farmers.  Farmer’s monthly performance report can be printed for discussions with the farmers.

Auto-back up, Change password:  These are usual facilities for the farm management.

Online Help, FAQs and web-help: The operating manual is available on line.  FAQs section gives answers to common queries of the users.  In case of additional queries or technical help in interpreting the data and the reports, users can visit our website www.vetware.in and our herd management specialist will get back to you to help you solve the problems.  Your questions are updated in FAQs so that even other users can also be benefitted.

Our website also provides interesting articles and tips on productivity enhancement, genetic improvement, farm management tips and global trends in herd management will be available.  In addition if you want to receive soft copy of monthly ‘Vetware News’ you may register with us (visit www.vetware.in).

Data Flow:

Herdman-Coop for Large Milk Processors- Data Flow