Herdman – coop:   New Herdman Module for Antibiotic Use Traceability

Good News for Milk Processors: 
We help you in producing antibiotic-residue free milk – Herdman-New Module
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• How System works?

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You can realize dream for producing Export-quality antibiotic-free milk
About the Module

We are pioneer in providing dairy animal data management system to help you achieve goals of enhancing productivity and genetic improvement to benefit your farmers.  Presence of traces of antibiotics and other drugs in milk is rightly a threat to public health.  We provide support to help the veterinary team of your organization to set up preventive health management systems so that there are minimum sicknesses and in case antibiotic has been used through Herdman- data management system we also provide alerts in supply chain to ensure that the farmer is reminded to collect such milk separately during the withdrawal period and (b) the milk collection center is also alerted either online or via SMS to collect milk in a separate tank. 

The success of the system depends on veterinary service providers to enter the use-data in the system and on assumption that farmers would not treat their animals.

We are also working with FDA authorities in the state to ensure that without proper prescription at least intra-mammary antibiotics (major cause of antibiotic residues in milk) are not sold.  In addition extension work with farmer is critical.  We find that when farmers understand gravity of the issue that could affect even their own kith and kin and when they are not penalized by discarding milk but get same price, the chances are that even small farmers follow the system.    


How the system works?

We provide a comprehensive system to re-orient the current curative-focused veterinary services to preventive health and productivity management services. This system requires identification of animals and farmers with unique code for traceability. The animals are registered by creating a data file providing current breeding, milk production and health status. The service providers and farmers start getting alerts on their cell phones on what management actions are to be taken with individual animals and the data can be updated in real time using cell phone based software or by texting coded SMS to a dedicated number. To ensure data credibility and to avoid data fudging, we encourage farmers to tag the animals with QR-coded plastic ear tags supplied by us. In such cases data can be populated in the file only after scanning of the QR code tag. This ensures that the data is being populated from the site. The data is analyzed periodically to generate technical reports identifying problem- areas that requires attention. The genetic improvement through breeding programs can be scientifically designed and impact


How antibiotic alert is sent?

The Veterinary Service Providers of the Milk Processing Organizations are trained in sending the treatment related records to the central server in real time.  This takes only a minute as most of the entries are built in the combo box.  As soon as the antibiotic record for a cow / buffalo is updated in the central server, alerts are generated for farmer and the milk collection center informing that milk from an animals of the farmer is to be collected in a separate tank.  The alert is sent on all the days when milk is to be withdrawn. 

The flow of information about antibiotic use and actions to be taken are provided in the following figure.

The system also generates report on common diseases and antibiotics that are used in the area so that preventive strategies to control the infection can be taken.


Data Flow: Schematic Presentation of Milk process flow and Data recording system


Services Provided by Vetware Pvt. Ltd.:

• Plastic ear tag printed with visual number as per ICAR standard and QR code

• Herd data management software on yearly license basis

• SMS interface or create user names for all farmers having smart phones/ computers

• Bulk SMS services

• Data analysis, interpretation services and support in evolving preventive health and breeding programs

• Extension services digital as well as personal interaction with veterinary service providers and farmers.

• Training and support to all the partners

• Interface program to connect to Organization's ERP

• QR coded Labelled Product safety and GMP information services to consumers and marketplace