Q1: Does the demo version of Herdman have all the functionality of the full version?
A: Yes, the demo is a complete copy of the program, it will just time-out and stop working in 30 days.

Q2: Will I lose the data that I enter into the program if the time-out occurs?
A: No, any data that you enter will not be lost even if the program times out. After you purchase the software you will receive a "key", and once this is entered, the program will be fully functional with all data that you have previously entered.

Q3: If I am unable to download the online demo can it be done using CD by Vetware?
A: Yes, use the online form to "request a free demo CD". We will mail you a CD along with the instructions to install within a few business days.

Q4: I have downloaded the Herdman software, now what do I do next?
A: The download process should have placed a file somewhere on your computer called setup.exe. Search for this file and then double click on it to start the install process. After completion of the installation, a Herdman icon will be placed on your desktop screen. Double-click on this icon to start using Herdman.

Q5: I have downloaded a demo of your software and am considering purchasing it. Are there options not available on the demo?
A: The "demo" version is the complete package with all of the features and options of the "paid" version. The only difference is the 30 day timeout pop-up warning when you start using Herdman.

Q5: How many animals can be entered into Herdman?
A: Depending upon the order you have placed for. In fact the capability is for unlimited number of animals.

Q6: What are the computer requirements for Herdman?
A: Pentium class PC or higher, at least 800x600 screen resolution, 64 MB of RAM and Windows XP/2000.

Q7: Does Herdman retain information for an animal after it is sold or has died?
A: Yes, this is one of the greatest benefits of using a computer-based record keeping system. As animals are born or purchased and are sold or died over several years they are stored within an internal database in Herdman. This allows you to review and compare things like calving history, sold reports, etc… from one year to another.

Q8: How do I upgrade to the latest version of Herdman?
A: 1) Backup your database on your current version. 
2) If you have a fast internet connection, go to our web site www.Herdman.com and download the "demo" version of Herdman. 3) Be sure that you have a backup of your database, see step #1. 4) Using the "Control Panel" on your computer, Uninstall your current copy of Herdman (this should NOT remove your data, but be sure that you back it up, just in case) 5) Install the newly downloaded version of Herdman 6) Run Herdman. It should open with all of your data intact.

Q 9: If I buy the Herdman software can I load it on two computers?
A: Yes, as long as you are purchase additional copy. For example, you can load it on a desktop for the office or home and also on a laptop to take into the field.

Q10: How do I find a manual for the Herdman program?
A: While running Herdman, press the F1 key to access the help screens. You can print pages of the help manual directly from this help menu.

Q12: Is there any way to create custom reports?
A: You can use the Custom report sub menu in Reports menu. You can also write custom reports from the Herdman database.

Q13: I just received my software registration key. Does that mean I can just keep using the demo download with the herd data I have entered, or do I have to wait for the disk to come in the mail?
A: Yes, you can continue to use the "demo" software. Just enter the registration key and the 30 day time out message will disappear. There is no difference between the "demo" software and the paid version, only the 30 day timeout.

Q14: I just purchased a new computer and want to transfer my Herdman data to this new computer, how should I do this?
A: To transfer Herdman to another computer: 1) On the old computer, use the Backup routine under the File menu in Herdman to backup your data to a floppy, CD R/W, Jump drive or some type of removable media. 2) Install Herdman on the new computer from your original CD or from a download from www.vetware.in . 3) Start Herdman on the new computer and then use the Restore option to read the copy of your database that you backed-up in step #1. This will copy all of your data including your registration key to the new computer.

Q15: Is there a way to keep track of the cows and there respective calves?
A: Yes, enter your Cows and Bulls into Herdman first and then when you enter a calf you can select the "Sire" and "Dam" for this calf. Herdman will then keep track of the association between the Cows-Bulls and calves.

Q16: Can you store photos of the individual animals in their records?
A: Yes, to do this first take digital photo of all your animals and save as per ID number in a folder. Start Hermdnan program and open 'Cattle Registration' sub-menu. Select the animal ID to open up individual animal file. Click on the 'Add Photo' and select the folder and the file and click OJ to select the paste the photograph.

Q17: Can you create additional user fields? Can you rename the user1 and user2 fields?
A: Not currently.

Q18: Can you hide or delete existing fields from reports?
A: Not currently

Using Herdman®

Q1: Can I enter previous parity records?
A: Yes, while you are registering new animals you can enter previous parity records in previous breeding and milk record tab.

Q2: Why don't the reports list the animals in order of tag number?
A: Most of the reports actually do list the animals by tag #. However, sometimes it is not apparent. The tag field is actually an alpha-numeric field; that is it can contain both numbers and letters. You can have a tag AB-25, for example. The reports then sort on this alpha-numeric field. The "trick" is that the report sorts on each character of the field starting from left to right; it does not look at the entire tag "number". For example; if you have the following tags: 100 - 75 - 21 - 3. They will be sorted as 100 - 21 - 3 - 75 that is, sorted by the first character in each tag number. To make the report sort the way that you would expect it to (when using only numbers for tags), then add a leading zero to the tags: 100 - 075 - 021 - 003. This would be sorted as 003 - 021 - 075 – 100, the way you would expect.

Q2: Where do I enter Breeding Information?
A: In case you want to enter AI,PD and subsequently Calving of the individual animal it can be done by selecting 'Breeding / Milk' menu and 'Breeding Details'

Q3: Where do I enter calving information?
A: You enter calving using 'Breeding / Milk' menu and 'Breeding Details'. Calving Tab

Q4: How can I change parity or lactation?
A: Software automatically manage parity when you enter breeding record and lactation when you dry the animals.

Q5: How do I enter another Location into Herdman?
A: Select the 'Setup' menu bar on the main screen of Herdman and then click on the Location Configuration icon. On this screen you can add/edit and delete locations that are specific for your operation. (Lot 51, Back40, etc..). Once you have added the appropriate locations then select the menu bar Cattle and then the icon 'Add'. As you add your animals on this screen these new locations will be available to pick from..

Q6: How do I add weaning dates for calves?
A: Select the animal form, enter calving record and using 'Breeding / Milk' menu and 'Breeding Details', select the 'Calving' Tab and add the weaning date and change the type of animal from "calf" to heifer, steer, etc.

Q7: The cross breed that we use is not listed when we Add animals. How can I add my particular breed?
A: Go to the Parameter section of Master Menu. Now use the 'Add' button on the 'Breed Configuration' screen to add another breed. Press the 'F1 key' while running 'Herdman' to access the help screens for more details.

Q8: Can I enter the same tag number for two different cows?
A: You can not, as many tag numbers as you like with the same number into 'Herdman'. Our software uses a unique ID number to keep track of each animal.. The Tag number is just used by you to track and identify your animals.


Q1: I get the following error message: "runtime error Microsoft jet data base engine cannot open file c:\program files\Herdman\databases\Data.mdb. It is already opened exclusively by another user, or you need permission to view its data."
A: Your Herdman database is "read only". This is usually a byproduct of copying to a R/W CD and then copying back to the hard drive. To fix this do following:
1) Using the 'My Computer' Icon, browse to the location: c:\program files\Herdman
2) Find the file Data.mdb and right click on it and select 'Properties'.
3) Uncheck the "Read Only" attribute at the bottom of the pop-up box.
4) Try running Herdman again.

Q2: Herdman will not install on my computer because it says that it will not fit my screen. How do I fix this?
A: Herdman requires a screen resolution of at least 800 x 600 to work. Your computer screen resolution is checked by the install program and it will not let Herdman install if it does not meet these requirements. Most of today's computers will easily go to this screen resolution. Consult you computer manual or online help and see if you can change your resolution to 800 x 600, then try installing Herdman again.

Q3: I get the following message "Runtime error 91" when I run Herdman on my E drive?
A: Currently Herdman will only run on the "C" drive. There is no way to make it run on the E drive. Uninstall Herdman and then re-install on the C drive to resolve this issue.