About Us

In the year 1999 a visit to Department of Medicine, Bombay Veterinary College became historical for us.  One of our team members who was an expert software programmer, had gone there to meet and discuss with Dr. Abdul Samad, Professor of Medicine and his team chronic illness of his dog and possible treatment.  The meeting lasted more than three hours and apart from the case of loving pet, the problems of animal data recording, complications and why our livestock genetic has not progressed compared to even other developing countries were discussed.  The message of Dr. Samad that the Indian industry which boasts to be best globally must help the animal scientists in developing animal management software suitable for Indian small farmers.  Our team then decided to devote full energy and decided to float a company Infovet of which Dr. Samad became the major guiding light.  We decided to convert his vision into farmer-friendly ICT applications.

The first version of our software Herdman (abbreviation for Herd Management) was designed and its beta version released for testing.  Dr. D. V. Keskar, Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, agreed to involve a young M.V.Sc. student Dr. D. A. Pawalkar to take the project of its validation.  Based on validation and experience on handling of the software by various veterinarians and farm managers, changes were made and Herdman-com for commercial dairies was launched without much fun and fare.  The industry looked at this software with surprise and also skepticism.  The skeptics declared that Indian farmers being semi-literate and resource-poor will not be able to benefit from such a system.

But, we continued our efforts and as per plan developed software for all the veterinary and animal husbandry related activities.  Year 2004 proved lucky for us as the Herdman-based project submitted by Bombay Veterinary College was adjudged top ranking and eligible for competitive grant under India Country Development Marketplace Award of the World Bank New Delhi.  This ward provided us visibility and in general the perception changed that even in small-hold livestock farming system farmers are interested in keeping records and can get benefitted with improved overall productivity.  In the year 2013 we graduated and formed a company by the name Vetware Private Limited, transferring all the rights of the software to the new company.  We also decided to indulge in research and develop hardware suitable to our requirements.  We developed QR coded plastic ear tag, QR coded premises registration cards, RFID reader cum data transmitter and handheld device for interfacing with weighing balance to record individual animal milk yield for direct transfer to Herdman software.  

Encouragement by veterinarians, government officials, IT industry and our clients has been a major impetus and our mission is to offer simplest data management solutions to all the stakeholders with aim to enhance productivity, profitability of the farmers and to enable them to produce high quality products from healthy and contended livestock.